McCormick Place, Chicago IL
exhibit highlights

• Five Day Turn-Around Time

• 20'w x 20'd x 15.75'h Exhibit Rental w/ Purchase Graphics

• 8'w x 8'h Double-Sided Billboard Graphics

• Storage Closet w/ Lockable Door

• Exterior Adhesive Vinyl Graphics On Storage Closet

• Rental Wood Crates

• Trinity Logistics

• Install & Dismantle Labor Supervision

When someone from the ESP presents team calls, we answer. With only two weeks until the start of the Chicago Marathon Expo, the Trinity creative team drew up just the solution! Easily seen from across the show floor, this RENTAL 20x20 exhibit provided large billboard-style panels and a storage closet for the much-loved Lululemon apparel. For this project, in addition to fabrication and printing, we helped with the logistics, shipping and install and dismantle.

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