Speed Art Museum, Loiusville, KY
exhibit highlights

• Unique Clear Acrylic Wall Design

• Stained Oak Shelves & Horizontal Accent Slats

• Powder-Coated Stud Mounted Aluminum Logos

• Locking Doors & Storage

• LED Battery Powered Lighting

• Undermount Sink with Drain

• Drop-In Ice Bin

• Large Wood, Carpeted & Jigged Crates w/ Caster Wheels

As one of our longest agency partners, Intersport always has fun and interesting projects going on. Strategically positioning a very tasty, high-end whiskey brand into the James Beard Foundation events, Intersport was looking for an equally, premium custom bar build. This 3-piece bar assembles quickly and features premium color core laminate, custom powder-coated metal logos, a sink with drain and a drop-in ice bin. When budget allows and brands take a chance, you end up with the best-looking footprint at your event.

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