Expo West, Anaheim, CA
exhibit highlights
  • 20'w x 30'd Exhibit Footprint
  • 20'w x 30'd Roll-Able Vinyl Wood Grain Flooring
  • 9'w x 5'd x 12'h Storage Closet w/ Locking Doors
  • Laminated Metal Extrusion
  • SEG Fabric Graphics
  • 6'w x 3'd x 8'h Custom Chip Bag Fabric Structures
  • Wood Built & Laminated Custom Sampling Counter
  • Custom Soffits w/ Pendant Lighting
  • Backlit Hanging Sign Accent Feature
  • Wood Shipping Crates
  • Trinity Logistics
  • Install & Dismantle

Partnering with Giada, Simply 7 Snacks was looking to make a splash at Expo West. Our team was not only tasked with designing a functional exhibit, but also challenged with bringing some of our experiential ideas into a traditional trade show setting. This attractive build included semi-private meeting areas, custom reclaimed wood with acrylic top product displays, storage closet and an 8’h 3-D oversized version of their retail popcorn bag. The only service we didn’t provide on this one is storage.

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