SANS Institute

SANS Institute

RSA Conference, San Francisco, California

When your clients ask for new graphics for an exhibit you produced last year, you give it to them! Our cyber security friends at SANS Institute debuted their 10’x30′ Custom Exhibit last year at the RSA Conference and came back this year with a bang. Not only did they come back with a ginormous monitor but they also came back with some NEW show-stopping graphics!

Deliverables & Services

  • Custom Wood-Fabricated Wall Panel Exhibit
  • Premium Vinyl Graphics w/ Matte Finish
  • Locking Storage Closet
  • Live Streaming Podcast Counter
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Tables
  • 10’x30′ Wood-Grain Vinyl Flooring
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Show Sevice Management
  • Installation/Strike Labor & Supervision

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