EMS 2024


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EMS is designed to prepare corporate event and trade show marketers for what’s next. Hear from brand-side event executives leading the ultimate three-day conversation. Commiserate with your peers and meet new partners inside our Hall of Ideas. Address your challenges and find the solutions you need to lead and thrive in the next era of
experiential marketing. If experiential marketers are talking about it, we’re talking about it. Only at EMS.

Join us for a cup of coffee at the Trinity Displays Coffee Break in the Hall of Ideas between the amazing lineup of breakout sessions, Q&As, work shop and keynotes. See the entire EMS schedule here.

Thursday, April 25
9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. (Trinity Coffee Break)
3:20 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. (Networking & Trinity Coffee Break)

Friday, April 26
10:15 a.m. –10:45 a.m. (Trinity Coffee Break)

Even in a constantly changing business landscape—with all the rules and models getting rewritten in real-time—nothing beats the power of experiential marketing. The Experiential Marketing Summit has become the event industry’s mega-show for b-to-b and b-to-c brand-side marketers, executives from leading event agencies, meeting planners, trade show organizers, event strategists, experience designers, event technology gurus and more.

EMS is the ultimate three-day conversation for event and trade show marketers. How will the industry thrive in the months ahead? What are the world’s leading brands planning for this year and beyond? How will brand experiences change and adapt to a market that’s constantly changing? Everything is on the table at the Experiential Marketing Summit—and you can’t afford to miss

EMS is the ultimate three-day Only at EMS, the brands you know, love and respect are your teachers and mentors. From traditional breakout sessions, to Q&As, to deep-dive workshops, to power panels and keynotes—you’ll get senior-level perspectives on the current experiential marketing landscape and what’s to come next. The Summit delivers the most mission-critical trends, best practices and how-tos available on experiential marketing.

Use the promo code THETRINITYWAY to save 10%
(Better than zero% right!?)

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